Over the Years

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About This Project

Over the Years is a project developed for Useless, an exhibition curated and created by The Corner Cooperative focusing on materials that have been recontextualised, recycled or re-purposed.

Memorable buildings are part of the soul of the city. The urban landscape is characterised and becomes unique by the presence of these structures, which preserve the memories of other times. Victims of demolition caused by modernisation, memorable buildings are brought to their knees and take with them those memories that recall our history. Over the Years by Eggpicnic, is an attempt to reconstruct and preserve the soul of the city of Sydney by reusing the remains of these buildings to create a set of clocks, which symbolise the passing of time and the fragility of our memory.

Locations: Carlton United Breweries warehouse, Barangaroo, Ex Sydney Convention Centre

Collaborators: Ryan Paxton, Navayot Likhitlersuang

Materials: Bricks, Bio Resin, Sustainable Bamboo

To order a clock please email us at hello@eggpicnic.com