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New Releases

Chile Collection

‘Between You & Me’
Exhibition Release

We have an undeniable bond with animals, deeply rooted in our biographies. Animals have become narrators of our most significant life stories and carriers of our most profound memories. We turn to animals in moments of joy and grief, looking for symbols and creating meaning for experiences in our lives. They represent what we love the most and our collective and family imaginaries are filled with narratives that reflect this essential connection between us.

In this exhibition, Eggpicnic explores Canberra and Australia’s landscapes and habitats to bring us closer to the species that surround us. By creating a space for us to delve into our own stories, Eggpicnic seeks to strengthen these connections and to challenge the traditional perspectives of our era that divide animals and humans.

Animals and place make us who we are, they shape us. And whenever we live in a place, we become part of its ongoing journey of transformation, just as it becomes part of ours. It is through these connections that we can find a way of belonging ourselves back to the ecosystem, reframing the idea of belonging together. The narratives we have constructed of animals are a reflection of love, and love can be a gateway to caring. Conservation, under this lens, becomes an act of preserving our mutual stories.

Porcelain Bare-nosed Wombat
12cm x 9cm x 10cm

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo sculpture
Price available upon request

Hand painted birds in flight
Prices available upon request

Tasmanian Tiger sculpture
Price available upon request

Bare-nosed Wombat sculpture
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Australian Magpie sculpture
Price available upon request