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Eggpicnic is an iconic Canberra-based design studio devoted to wildlife conservation. Creating characters of our beloved fauna that tread a fine line between art and design, we aim to capture the beauty of the natural world with the hope of inspiring others to protect it. We create fine art prints and public art to raise funds and awareness about wildlife conservation.

Our public art reframes the traditional perspective of conservation. We reimagine public spaces to communicate complex issues and create a bridge between community, science and art.

Our work supports

We support Zoos Victoria’s research, conservation efforts, captive breeding and reintroduction of threatened species to help improve the future of our wildlife, and ultimately of ourselves.

We have donated thousands to help protect our native bird species.

In collaboration with Greenfleet, we have planted hundreds of trees to restore our native forests and provide essential habitat to our wildlife.

We have provided funding so that the Palm Oil Barcode Scanner App developed by Palm Oil Investigations can inform consumers to make the right decisions.

We support WIRES to provide rescue and care services for Australian wildlife in distress.

We support the recovery programs set in place by Andean Cat Alliance to protect the Andean Cat in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

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