What’s the story behind your name?

Chris and I met in Milan. I was living with some friends that were moving back to Chile and had to find a place to live and was also left with everything my friends had left behind, including many boxes of eggs! Chris asked me to move in with him so I arrived at his door with my bags and a basketful of eggs. Not wanting to let them go to waste, we boiled, scrambled and poached them and went on a picnic to Parco Sempione, where we decided to work together and merge our abilities in graphic and product design and celebrate our love for the natural world.


How long do custom flocks take from start to finish?

Once your order is placed, give us 48hrs to send through the design for your approval (please check your spam folders!). Then we will get your print ready in our studio (give us a couple more days) and express ship (we’re express shipping within Australia during Covid-19, normal post for overseas) in our next batch of orders.

That’s about 1 to 1.5 weeks from start to finish.


Can I come visit your studio in 2020?

We love you all to bits but our studio remains closed for visits during Covid-19.
BUT! We have the option of contactless pick up from our building. We have everything available in our online shop, no secret prints hiding in the studio!


When will my order be shipped?

We print on demand. This means, we do not keep stock due to the high volume of animals on our website. Once your order comes through, we organise production and within a few days will have your print ready to go. We produce all our prints on the best quality fine art paper, we make sure the colours are perfect and pack them with love.


Can you frame my print?

Shipping glass is expensive, has a big carbon footprint and is likely to break. We encourage people to visit their local framer, however if you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Canberra we can recommend great framers, just drop us an email! If you are after our small print framed, you can come and collect them from our building, just email us to organise pickup.


Do you wholesale?

Yes, we do! We love seeing our work in beautiful likeminded shops throughout Australia and the world, so please email us at hello@eggpicnic.com for more details!


Why aren’t your cards wrapped in plastic?

Plastics and their byproducts are littering our cities, oceans, and waterways, and contributing to health problems in humans and animals, so we do our very best to avoid it! Plastic waste will most likely to end up in the ocean, where seabirds and other animals will confuse it for food. According to trend studies, by 2050, 99% of seabirds will have ingested plastic.