Wildlife trade is second only to the drug market and has been identified as one of the main factors in the threat status of one in twenty threatened and near-threatened bird species.
This was our journey to Rari, a town of horse hair weavers located 300km south of the Chilean capital in the Andean foothills of the Maule Region. We spent the day with Marcela Sepúlveda, a crin expert artisan and Eggpicnic collaborator.
Over the Years is a project developed for Useless, an exhibition curated and created by The Corner Cooperative focusing on materials that have been recontextualised, recycled or re-purposed.
Founding members of Amazon Watch Allies, organistation based in Sydney working to extend the reach of Amazon Watch, in solidarity with Amazonian Indigenous communities to advance the rights to their land.
Made by many hands to be played by many hands. Eggpicnic's fussball players for Arena Calcetto, site specific & interactive installation created by Archrival Sydney.
Parrots are among the most endangered birds - nearly one third of all wild parrots are endangered because of the exotic bird trade and habitat loss.
Our echidna art toy is a celebration of Australian Aboriginal ancestral wisdom. We teamed with Naomi Taplin, the highly talented Sydney based designer to create these new handmade porcelain art toys.
Eight in the Wild Series are felt characters inspired by the eight species of bear, six of which are listed as either endangered or vulnerable.
Limited edition Virtue Dolls designed for Momiji HQ + The School of Life.
Amalia by Eggpicnic, celebrates a Chilean material called mimbre, going back to the essential of working with traditional materials and techniques.
The latest evaluation of the world’s birds reveals that more species than ever are threatened with extinction and disappearing from the skies.
Materia Arquitectura is a biannual journal of architecture, published by the School of Architecture at the University of San Sebastian, Santiago-Chile.
One of every five bird species could be extinct in the next 50-80 years.
A special collaboration with our friends from Bombah Point Eco Cottages, a holiday resort with minimal environmental impact.
Hundreds of insects face the threat of extinction according to IUCN.
Aboriginals, the original inhabitants of Australia, had the continent to themselves for 50.000 years. Today they make up less than 3% of the population, and their traditional lifestyle is disappearing. Almost. In the homelands the ancient ways live on.
Every kilometre travelled by bicycle or foot will be a kilometre without environmentally damaging emissions.
A selection of web development work.
Logo and identity design for Marías Felices. "Our medicine is in our kitchen".
The Brazilian Government is building the world's third largest hydroelectric dam on one of the Amazon's major tributaries, the Xingu River.
Africa is a continent that is rapidly changing and growing. Unfortunately, people are threatening Africa’s natural habitats and biodiversity—many without fully realising the consequences.
We take so much from the world, every day. The plants, the animals, the air we breathe are all crucial to our everyday lives. What we do to the earth has an impact on these wild animals and their survival, as well as on our own.
Mankind’s closest living relatives are on the brink of extinction and in need of urgent conservation measures. Of the 633 primate species on the planet, 54% are classified as at least threatened with extinction.
Ecuador's Amazon rainforest contains some of the planet's most bio-diverse ecosystems and are home to thousands of indigenous peoples who have lived there for millennia.
The With love from Indonesia Series are felt characters inspired by our original illustration in collaboration with the Australian organisation Palm Oil Investigations.
Speakers at the 7th annual Design Fest 2013, organised by REDiseño magazine, held in Guadalajara, Mexico.
The Crin Collection comes as an attempt to appreciate a traditional 200-year-old Chilean technique, which originated in Rari, a town located 300 km south of the Chilean capital in the Andean foothills, and consists of weaving horsehair.
Tiranito is inspired by La Tirana Festival, the biggest religious celebration in Chile.
Identity and memoir design for Anilla Cultural / MAC, a project of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Faculty of Arts, University of Chile.
Character illustration for Ginger & The Ghost, Australian musicians and visual artists.
Graphic and web design for Archikidz Sydney 2013, an architectural workshop for children. Archikidz provides a unique opportunity for children to gain a greater understanding of architecture and its importance in their lives.
Bears are one of the most widely distributed terrestrial mammals on earth. There are eight species of bear, six of which are listed as either endangered or vulnerable by the IUCN.
Our piece for *Jigsaw*, an interactive installation & way finding mural by Archrival for Waverley Council's Completed Streets program, Bondi Junction.
Matico is part of Lunartik’s Mini Tea Tour 2011 hosted by designer Matt “Lunartik” Jones. We were invited to customize his platform toy and make our own cuppa tea!
Limited edition trio designed for Momiji (UK)
By the end of this century, the Arctic will be a very different place.
Celebrate Indigenous IV binds the indigenous peoples of the world to celebrate their ancestral wisdom.
At the current rate of habitat destruction, many species could be extinct in the wild in the next ten years. More than 80 percent of their habitat has been destroyed due to logging and palm oil plantations.

The Andes is our homage to the Cordillera de los Andes, the spine of the continent of South America which carries with it a combination of beauty and contrasts in scenery, wildlife and cultures.
Spectacled Bear handmade paper toy
A series of illustrations of Chilean butterflies in collaboration with Micra. Micra.cl is a digital platform that specifically aims to strengthen the link between people and the cultural value of the butterflies of Chile.
The Inca's ancestral traditions and habits are rooted in respect for nature and harmonious coexistence with our surroundings. This is the only way of life that guarantees the sustainability of human activity in time.
Collateral, publications and exhibition graphics for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago-Chile.
Changing the world consists of everyday actions, there is a choice to be made about how we live our lives and the effect our actions are having. Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.
Through science and technology, modern man has transformed our forests into a commodity. But if human intervention allows us to tear the lungs of our planet, this intervention can also reverse it.
Jukumari, the Andean bear, is the only bear native to South America. It faces an uncertain future due to loss of habitat. Spread the word!
Marriage equality allows all participants in on the most beautiful and honest human feelings. It's all about love.
A series of infographics and illustrations for Cerouno and Foco 76 Magazine, Chile.
Editorial design in collaboration with designer Kathryn Gillmore for SCL2110, Chile. Initiative which seeks to re establish the way we view our cities through architecture, art and performance.
Listing an ecosystem or animal as endangered does not save it from extinction, but it can bring attention and inspire protection.
The repression of rights reflects the fear of the authorities of citizens claiming what is theirs. It gives account of the brakes that have been imposed on an inevitable process that requires welfare for all.
The Selk’nam (Ona) people, inhabitants of the largest island of Tierra del Fuego in the extreme south of South America.
Celebrate Indigenous II binds the indigenous peoples of every continent to celebrate their ancestral wisdom.
Celebrate Indigenous III rescues the iconography of the Mapuche people, their dress, and their worldview.
In Chile, the possibility of studying is concentrated in very few hands that only seek to wield more money. This has led to a system that has forgotten the value of people, their uniqueness and their freedom.
Illustration for Welcome to Australia. We too believe that cultural diversity should be celebrated for the beauty and depth it adds to our society and that no matter who you are, where you're from or how you arrived.
Magazine cover for Wait Magazine, Milan-Italy. For us, a designer’s responsibility is based on the desire to take part in creating a better world.
A series of illustrations inspired by the Andean Culture, the original inhabitants of the high Andes.