Arena Calcetto

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About This Project

Eggpicnic’s fussball players for Arena Calcetto, site specific & interactive installation created by Archrival Sydney for Australian Pavilion, 13th Venice International Architecture Biennale 2012. Artists, designers, architects and other creative ‘makers’ were invited to participate in this experimental worldwide worskshop, to create a series of unique objects that were exhibited as a ceritical part of the Arena Calcetto.

From Venice to Sydney, Arena Calcetto is now exhibited in The Rocks.

Our fussball players seek to create awareness about endangered species worldwide. We created 11 critically endangered wooden animals.

Team: Javan Rhino, Araripe, Kakapo, Short-tailed Chinchilla, Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat, Yellow-crested Cockatoo, Red-vented Cockatoo, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, Darwin’s Fox, Asian Elephant, Saola