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Celebrate Indigenous II

AUD$165.00 inc. GST

50cm x 40cm

We believe in long lasting products and transparent and honest design processes. Our Celebrate Indigenous IV is printed on 320 gsm archival fibre based cotton rag and each print is individually signed by hand by Camila, Co-founder of Eggpicnic. They are designed and made in-house in our studio in Canberra.

Celebrate Indigenous binds the indigenous peoples from around the world to celebrate their ancestral wisdom. The knowledge that allows them to live with respect and in balance with nature. In times of predation and consumption, indigenous people remember that without the “Pachamama” human life is not possible. Going back to our origins will allow us to keep our world healthy and live in harmony.

From left to right: Sami people, Maká, Yanomami, Mapuches, Xingu, Aymara people, Aboriginal people, Māori, Kuna people, American Indian, Ainu people, Karo people, Amis.

Limited edition of 100 prints.

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