Alpine Spiny Crayfish - Eggpicnic

Alpine Spiny Crayfish

Alpine Spiny Crayfish


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Dimensions – 50cm x 40cm


Our giclée prints are hand signed, true museum grade fine art paper with a lifespan rating of over 75 years. Designed and made locally in Sydney.


Australia has a large number of unprotected vulnerable and critically endangered species this includes invertebrates and crustaceans that are often overseen.


Our review of the fate of Australian animals reflects uncomfortably on our society. Without an understanding of
our country, without linkages to, and affinity to, its nature, and without a corresponding commitment to its well-being, our society will fit poorly in this land and these seas, and we will continue to erode the most remarkable fauna in the world.


The Indigenous knowledge in managing this country will become core to our distinctive environmental philosophy. Much of the current environmental dysfunction in Australia is due to a lack of understanding in our society broadly of the way this country works and of what is needed to care for it.


Fits perfectly in any 50cm x 40cm frame.

Want it with a mounting board? Easy! Grab any larger frame and most will fit the print perfectly.


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