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Dimensions – 50cm x 40cm


Our giclée prints are hand signed, true museum grade fine art paper with a lifespan rating of over 75 years. Designed and made locally in Sydney.

This print is a homage to lepidopteras, depicting butterflies of Chile.
They are the second largest order of insects after beetles, reaching 175,000 species grouped into 127 families and develop one of the most fascinating processes of growth among animals: metamorphosis.


In the wild or in environments with some degree of human intervention, the presence and diversity of butterflies is one of the most reliable indicators of health and ecological balance in a given region. Butterflies are highly sensitive to changes in the ecosystem, especially chemical modifications in the air, water or soil. From changes in their flight habits or breeding practices, to progressive population declines, they are a phenomena that reveals different degrees of environmental and ecological impoverishment.


Therefore, in the context of current environmental challenges, the study of butterflies has become a tremendously important discipline for the future.


From top to bottom, left to right: Vanessa Carye, Cercophana Venusta, Argyrophorus Argenteus Argenteus, Eroessa Chilensis, Tatochile Theodice Theodice, Polythysana Rubrescens


Fits perfectly in any 50cm x 40cm frame.

Want it with a mounting board? Easy! Grab any larger frame and most will fit the print perfectly.


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