The Crin Collection

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About This Project

The Crin Collection comes as an attempt to appreciate a traditional 200-year-old Chilean technique by which man creates a particular identity and manages to transcend through their work. This technique, which originated in Rari, a town located 300 km south of the Chilean capital in the Andean foothills, consists of weaving horsehair. Firstly the horse hair is washed, then dyed with natural or artificial dyes and finally woven only with the fingers, thus generating a unique material that contains a set of meanings that translate into customs which are consolidated overtime.

This project was conducted with Marcela Sepúlveda, a crin expert artisan and a native of Rari. Through this collaboration we searched for a link and a mutual influence with the platform of contemporary art toys. The encounter between these two manifestations resulted in a collection that contains a set of human experiences that exceed the goal that was originally convoked. These experiences, which emerge while interacting with a different reality, generate the need for a social commitment as a designer. The idea is not to transgress the person’s relationship with their environment or way of life, but allow for their spontaneity to gleam. The collection consists of Carmelita, Altiplánico, Aguayo and Poncho. Their attire is characteristic of the north of Chile, therefore, they integrate aspects of culture that cut across the country, namely, the attire of the north with the technique of the south.

Handmade by Eggpicnic on demand
Limited edition of only 10 of each toy
Dimensions: 150mm X 80mm X 80mm
Photography by Paolo Remedy