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Birds III

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81.6cm x 35.4cm

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Dimensions – 81.6cm x 35.4cm


Our giclée prints are hand signed, true museum grade fine art paper with a lifespan rating of over 75 years. Designed and made locally in Sydney.


Extinctions have probably been better documented for birds than any other group of animals. The latest evaluation of the world’s birds reveals that more species than ever are threatened with extinction and disappearing from the skies, according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™.


According to Bird Life International, a total of 151 bird species is believed to have become extinct since 1500. Nineteen species have been lost in the last quarter of the twentieth century and three more known or suspected to have gone extinct since 2000. The rate of extinctions on continents appears to be increasing, principally as a result of extensive and expanding habitat destruction and invasive alien species. The most urgent actions are to protect biodiversity areas, eradicate invasive species, restore habitat, control hunting and raise awareness.


From left to right: Black Mamo, Ula-Ai-Hawane, Solomon’s crested pigeon, Tahiti rail, Mauritius parrot, Passenger pigeon (all extinct)


Looks great in any rectangular frame.

There are some great frames that can fit however you can always grab a bigger frame and get a custom mounting board cut, an easy and ecological solution.


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