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Whale Shark

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Dimensions – 81.6cm x 35.4cm


Our giclée prints are hand signed, true museum grade fine art paper with a lifespan rating of over 75 years. Designed and made locally in Sydney.


In just 55 years, humans have managed to wipe out 90 percent of the ocean’s top predators. This is directly related to overfishing of the oceans and removing their main food source. With the addition of increasing water temperatures due to climate change, this has put increased pressure on these species ability to survive.


Whale sharks are highly valued on international markets. Their meat, fins and oil are in high demand by unregulated fisheries and this remains as one of their main threats. Other threats include being victims of bycatch, getting caught in the fishing nets of large trawlers and the tourism industry, which interrupts their feeding behaviour.


Start the conversation, support eco-tourism, educate others and fight to stop the sale of shark fins.


Looks great in any rectangular frame.

There are some great frames that can fit however you can always grab a bigger frame and get a custom mounting board cut, an easy and ecological solution.


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