How we make a difference

We support Palm Oil Investigations in their mission to stop the destruction of the Indonesian Rainforest. Their world first free Palm Oil Bar Code Scanner App allows you to identify which products contain palm oil and to stop supporting this industry.


Football fields of rainforest are destroyed every hour for palm oil production

Palm Oil Investigations

Palm Oil Investigations (POI) aims to raise awareness of the impacts of unregulated palm oil production and how often it is used in everyday products. They hope to educate how to identify palm oil content in products and inform consumers about the certification status used in such products.

Through their POI Barcode Scanner app for iOS and Android, POI hope to further educate consumers on what products they use on a daily basis have unethically sources palm oil in them and allow them to make a more sustainable choice in the products they use reguarly.

What your purchase supports

The App

The World’s first Palm Oil Barcode Scanner App to give consumers the tools to identify palm content and status of palm used in products they purchase.

Ethical Supply

Instruct brands how to check the palm oil certification status they are using from palm oil suppliers and producers.

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