Tasmanian Land Conservancy

How we make a difference

We support the Tasmanian Land Conservancy to protect Tasmania’s unique and threatened creatures, many of which live outside national parks.


threatened species are protected

Tasmanian Land Conservancy

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that protects nature on private land, both on its own reserves and in partnership with landholders, throughout Tasmania. Through research and community, the Tasmanian Land Conservancy inspires and empowers people to contribute to nature conservation; for the benefit of current and future human generations and for nature itself. By also working in partnership with private landholders, nature conservation is promoted and is increasing on private land. The Tasmanian Land Conservancy has a network of reserves around the state, and using the best available science, these areas are managed forever to support nature to thrive. The reserves are sanctuaries for swift parrots and forty-spotted pardalotes, Tasmanian devils and quolls. They protect some of Australia’s most threatened vegetation communities and flora, including endemic cider gums and critically endangered paper daisies.

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© Matt Palmer

What your purchase supports


By buying ecologically important areas of Tasmania, over 30,000 hectares of diverse ecosystems are protected – from eucalypt woodlands to wetlands, rainforests to alpine peaks.

Landholder education

Programs that work with Tasmanians, from those with a small bush block to large-scale farmers, showing everyone how they can look after special wildlife no matter where they live.

Science and research

Ongoing research and monitoring across helps to not only better understand threated species and habitats but manage the reserves for climate changes and sea level rises.

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