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Dimensions – 50cm x 40cm


Our giclée prints are hand signed, true museum grade fine art paper with a lifespan rating of over 75 years. Designed and made locally in Sydney.


Hundreds of insects face the threat of extinction according to IUCN. The number of species known to be at risk is dwarfed by the number that may be in trouble, but which have not yet been discovered. Most of them live in rainforests, which are being destroyed so rapidly that vast tracks disappear before scientists are able to document them. In most cases we will never learn that they ever existed.


From left to right: American Burying Beetle (Critically endangered)*, Cromwell Chafer Beetle (Critically endangered)*, Delta Green Ground Beetle (Critically endangered)*, Goldstreifiger (Endangered)*, Rosalia Longicorn (Vulnerable)*, Ampedus Quadrisignatus (Endangered)*, Anaglyptus luteofasciatus (Endangered)*, Colophon Primosi (Critically Endangered)*, Puritan Tiger Beetle (Endangered)*

*Status according to The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species(tm)


Fits perfectly in any 50cm x 40cm frame.

Want it with a mounting board? Easy! Grab any larger frame and most will fit the print perfectly.


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