How we make a difference

For each Marsupials Of Australia print sold, we plant 8 trees in partnership with Greenfleet’s native forest restoration plan.


of our emissions need to be reduced by 2050 to stabilise our climate.


Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted over 8.9 million
native trees creating more than 475 biodiverse forests in Australia, on behalf of thousands of individual and business supporters to sequester carbon emissions and protect our unique biodiversity.

Greenfleet establishes self-sustaining, multi-species forests to absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and restore natural ecosystems. We put back the mix of native species that would have been present in the local area prior to land clearing. By doing so, our forests also act as sanctuaries for native wildlife who can safely return to their natural habitat.

What your purchase supports

Habitat Renewal

9+ million native trees planted in biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to reduce salinity and soil erosion and provide essential habitat for native wildlife.

Carbon Offset

2.8+ million tonnes of carbon offsets commited. Greenfleet’s native forests recapture carbon dioxide that has already been released into the atmosphere.

Climate Protection

Reducing emissions to stabilise our climate and prevent unprecedented negative impacts on our climate.

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