Boa & Python Specialist Group

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We support the research and conservation efforts of the IUCN SSC Boa and Python Specialist Group to ensure the survival of boas, pythons and their relatives, in the wild.


Species currently supported by the BPSG

Boa & Python Specialist Group

The BPSG is a global network of herpetologists, conservationists, government and non-government representatives, and researchers working to understand and conserve boa and python species (and their close relatives). It is one of approximately one hundred and twenty Specialist Groups organised within the framework of the IUCN/SSC, an international alliance of conservationists that produce the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and a range of other conservation initiatives. The BPSG advises governments and wildlife management agencies, evaluates the conservation needs of boas and pythons, initiates research projects, conducts surveys of populations, and provides technical information and training.

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Science, Research and Conservation


The BPSG aims to assess the conservation status of all boas, pythons and related species for the IUCN Red List once every 10 years. This involves applying a suite of research methodologies to better understand the natural history of each species and how best to conserve them in our rapidly changing world. Programs also aims to mitigate threats and raise awareness of the needs of threatened species, such as Cropan’s Boa; Chilabothrus and Tropidophis species. Applying research findings to inform management initiatives that benefit wild populations.

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