Andean Cat Alliance

How we make a difference

We support the recovery programs set in place by Andean Cat Alliance to protect the Andean Cat in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.


mature individuals of Andean cats remain in its distribution area

Andean Cat Alliance

The Andean Cat Alliance (AGA), is an interdisciplinary network created in 1999 by conservationists from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru, to develop coordinated actions for the conservation of the species and its habitat through innovative strategies in research, conservation, community participation and support in the management of wild areas.

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What your purchase supports


Monitoring of the Andean cat to understand its ecology and distribution.


Support economic activities of local communities, in harmony with the conservation of the Andean Cat and its habitat.

Education and Training

Raising awareness and exchanging information on the species with local people. Training activities for staff of protected areas.

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