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We are Eggpicnic.

Eggpicnic fuses design and conservation to end wildlife extinction through education. We create vibrant illustrations and characters, bringing you the stories of our critically endangered fauna, the environment and our relationship to it.

Eggpicnic was born in Milan in 2009, when I, Camila, moved in with Chris as I had to leave my old place and arrived with a basket full of eggs some friends had left behind. We boiled, scrambled and poached them and went on a picnic to Parco Sempione, where we decided for the first time to join our abilities in graphic, industrial design and our love for the natural world.

In the next 100 years we could lose 50% of all species on Earth. Out on our journeys searching for some of Australia’s rarest animals we uncovered a hidden world which we want to share you. Open your doors and hearts to update your rooms with the faces of the locals you love. This is the start of a change in hearts and minds and we want you to be a part of it.

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