With Love from Indonesia Series

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About This Project

The With love from Indonesia Series are felt characters inspired by our original illustration in collaboration with the Australian organisation Palm Oil Investigations.

More than 80% of these animals habitat has been destroyed due to logging and palm oil plantations. The production of palm oil needs to be regulated so that it’s not contributing to further devastation on deforestation, wildlife, habitat, the environment and the local native villagers who rely on their land to survive.

For this reason we teamed up with the highly talented Sydney based Aleta Hunt, from the creative duo Hunter & Eve, to create the first two characters of this series, the Orangutan and the Borneo pygmy elephant.

15% of the sales will be donated to Palm Oil investigations to continue their research and efforts to educate the public and consumers about the impacts of palm oil.

 Handmade in Australia

Photos by Dear Henri

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