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Short-beaked Echidna

AUD$130.00 inc. GST


Dimensions – 7cm x 8cm x 10cm


Our echidna art toy is a celebration of Australian Aboriginal ancestral wisdom. We teamed with Naomi Taplin, the highly talented Sydney based designer and porcelain artist from Studio Enti, to create these new handmade porcelain art toys.


The Dreaming describes the balance and relationship between the natural, spiritual and moral elements of the world. It refers to a time dating back to the origin of the universe up to before living memory or experience.


According to Aboriginal beliefs, everything that exists can be traced back to the Dreamtime. At this time, the Great Spirit Ancestors travelled across the country of Australia creating the natural formations that exist in the Australian landscape today. The stories of the Ancestors are still enacted in ceremonies with dance and music.


The animals that live in Australia are at the center of Aboriginal art and are regarded as the main subjects of the Dreamtime myths and legends. Aboriginal folklore has lent itself to manufacturing myths and legends accounting for the origin of all the animals and for their appearance and behavior. These are filled with imagination, ingenuity and humour and have been told and retold for hundreds of years. Its purpose is to reveal how a specific animal gained its special characteristics.


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